CDS / Centralised Development Strategies

CDS NORD is an award-winning professional services business that delivers real impact, value and lasting change through projects supporting economic growth and government reform internationally. Our reputation as a global leader has been built on the positive results our projects have achieved in many of the world’s most challenging environments.

Our Values

CDS NORD has worked with ministers, government officials and citizens across the globe on wide-ranging projects. These experiences have shaped our values and have led us to become a trusted leader in delivering projects that result in sustainable and far-reaching impact throughout the world.

Our Approach

Our focus is on delivering projects that can bring the greatest impact and that support the strengthening of societies and the prospects of those who live within them around the world. We exist to deliver projects that provide long-term benefits and sustainable results across a range of service areas spanning economic growth and government reform.

Our Services

We specialise in the design, management and delivery of complex projects. Our wide-ranging experience across economic growth and government reform initiatives is grouped into the following services:

– Private Sector Development
– Infrastructure Development
– Public Administration Reform
– Justice, Security & Peacebuilding
– Revenue Reform
– Extractive Industries Governance
– Public Financial Management
– Climate Change
– Education Development
– Civil Society & Demand-Side Accountability


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